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Tavistock Wall Mirror 750 x 600 - Clearance Factors
Tavistock Side Table - Clearance Factors
Cornwall Lamp Table
Tavistock Wall Mirror 900 x 900 - Clearance Factors
Chester Side Table - Clearance Factors
Chester Corner Shelf Unit - Clearance Factors
Bolton Side Table - Clearance Factors
Bolton Corner Shelf Unit - Clearance Factors
Salisbury Lite Lamp Table - Clearance Factors
Chester Small Narrow Bookcase - Clearance Factors
Chester Lamp Table - Clearance Factors
Bolton Small Narrow Bookcase - Clearance Factors
Bolton Lamp Table - Clearance Factors
Tavistock Wall Mirror 1300 x 900 - Clearance Factors
Salisbury Lite Telephone Table - Clearance Factors
Chester Small Coffee Table - Clearance Factors
Chester Nest Of 2 Tables - Clearance Factors
Chester Large Glazed Coat Rack - Clearance Factors
Bolton Small Coffee Table - Clearance Factors
Bolton Nest Of 2 Tables - Clearance Factors
Bolton Large Glazed Coat Rack - Clearance Factors
Salisbury Lite Nest Of Tables - Clearance Factors
Chester Telephone Table - Clearance Factors
Chester Large Wall Mirror - Clearance Factors


Whatever the size of your home, most of us are always in need of extra storage space. Whether it’s those books you’re planning to read, a family heirloom like an antique tea set, or whether you just need somewhere to display the new TV, sideboards and cabinets are a vital part of your life and your living room!

Since they hold some of our most important possessions, it’s only right that they look sleek, stylish and that you’re not paying ridiculous amounts for the privilege of owning one. That’s where Clearance Factors can help! With a huge range of sideboards, bookcases and cabinets, we can help anyone looking for a sideboard in Shrewsbury or a bookcase in Shropshire.

With our range, you’ll be able to find the perfect furniture platform for your favourite display items in no time. From rustic looking handles to a solid oak finish, our top-quality cabinets, cases and sideboard options are sturdy, well built, look beautiful and will not break your bank! What better way to store all those beloved items than in one of our cabinets or cases? We have the best sideboards Shropshire has to offer!

They are simple, yet great additions to the rest of the room- looking lovely and serving their purpose in reliably holding your reading light or assembling all of those favourite DVDs. Even if you’re after that vintage look, we can help you find an ideal option to suit your budget. Due to our extensive collection of stock, featuring new items each and every month, you have many different possibilities to find the cabinet, sideboard or bookcase on sale that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

With such a range of bookcases in Shrewsbury, it allows you to look around and pick your ideal style fit. As well as providing you many great choices for the ideal style fit to wherever you want to place the new item, our stock also combines quality with being low priced. This consistent quality, combined with our helpful and friendly staff team and a range of delivery options make us one of the leading options to find your bookcase in Shropshire.

On top of this, our current 0% interest-free credit options mean that you’ll be able to find your perfect sideboard, bookcase or cabinet on price terms you can afford today. We love seeing our clients find their dream furniture items in our store and then be shocked at just how cheap they are. Take a look across the hundreds of bookcase and sideboard options we have in store, by either browsing our site or visiting us in Shrewsbury.

You can follow our Facebook page to keep an eye on any current offers or new product ranges to make sure you can be one of the first to get in on any new sideboard or cabinet options we have in stock. To speak to our team today, you can get in touch with Clearance Factors by phone or email.