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We spend up to a third of our whole lives tucked up in bed. So why settle for less when you can have the best? Here at Clearance Factors, we not only provide you with the best discounted furniture for your home, but also luxurious and comfy beds at prices that you won’t lose sleep over.

With Clearance Factors, you can get the guaranteed quality at an amazing price. Whether you’re looking for a single, double or even one with hidden storage, we’ve got it all at irresistible prices, beating all the bed shops in Shrewsbury, Shropshire!

That goes for both bed frames and mattresses. Our local Shrewsbury store can provide you with the whole comfy package. You’ll be dreaming sweetly on one the best mattress in Shropshire, from Memory Foam to Orthopaedic. With so many makes and models, you can get what best fits you.

For anyone looking to sleep soundly and comfortably, due to our wide range and ever-changing stock, you are guaranteed to find the ideal bed in Shrewsbury or the finest mattress in Shropshire. With such a range, it allows you to maybe stray away from the ordinary.

When you can come to Clearance Factors, you’ll find low prices, high quality and fantastic customer service. Being cheap and cheerful; there’s no nonsense, no messing around - it’s easy! With our helpful, friendly staff, efficient delivery service and that always helpful 0% interest-free credit, you’ll have the perfect bed in Shropshire as well as a mattress, from our clearance store, in no time.

Browse through our site and the hundreds of models that we have in store. Sift as you please and once you’ve found your perfect match, just pop it in your online basket! With a list of all the different styles we have to offer, our site is easy to navigate- like flicking through a magazine. Narrow down the features you want, and by power of elimination, you will be placed with your perfect match.

If you would like to do a little try before you by, why not pop down and see us in our Shrewsbury store where you see if it is truly the perfect fit.  But hurry before your favourite is sold because once it’s gone…it’s gone. They’re too good to miss!

To make sure you don’t miss anything, and to keep an eye on your dream bed or mattress, make sure to follow Clearance Factors on Facebook. That way you can be updated on any new arrivals or changes and be one of the first to what new and unique models we have in store!